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South Wales Demolition Service

Stenor Demolition at Swansea Docks

Stenor Environmental Services Ltd is an established demolition contractor committed to providing a safe, cost effective and environmentally sensitive demolition service.

We specialise in demolition projects on commercial, industrial and domestic sites throughout South Wales.

Materials Removal & Recycling

As a demolition contractor we believe it is important that as much waste materials are recycled and reused in future construction projects. Stenor Environmental, unlike most other demolition contractors in South Wales, operates its own Environment Agency Licensed Reclamation and Recycling Centre in Swansea. At this facility we can hold up to 75,000 tonnes of material, which ultimately will be reused in future building or landscaping projects.

Stenor also has it's own fleet of haulage vehicles to remove demolition rubble from the site.

Staff & Machinery

Stenor have trained and experienced demolition professionals that take pride in providing a safe and effective demolition service. Stenor also has a wide range of specialist demolition and waste removal plant & machinery, this includes:

  • A fleet of excavators
  • A range of Indigo breakers
  • A range of concrete pulverisers

Using Stenor's Demolition Service

Stenor Environmental Services Ltd welcome enquiries for demolition contracts in South & West Wales with a value of between £1000 & £250,000. Please contact Stenor Demolition for more information or a demolition contract proposal.